Joatelim Terminal is located directly on Union Dicon Salt Terminal, which afforded us advantage of Providing logistics and plant services to immediately handle numerous plants needs.

Our Logistics and plant services have since then been undergoing a development process in order to comply with the highest standards of demands of our customer— CMA CGM Nigeria Shipping Company.

Within this plan, we have purchased additional Cargo Handling Equipment. Our dedicated and well trained staff are also not left out in offering the best available service in order to satisfy our valuable customer. In order to satisfy our customer, plants are dedicated for 24 hours a day operation.


Our mission is to provide unique and excellent professional shipping and logistics services that are tailored towards the needs of our clients in a manner that gives value for money


JOATELIM LOGISTICS LIMITED approach is an independent "one-on-one" style that ensures the required confidentiality and personal attention deserved by our clients. The satisfaction of a client is paramount to us and we have reliable processes that guarantee that. Even if we stand very tall among our competitors, we bend very low when it comes to serving our clients.

Client Relationship

Our primary interest is in building sustainable and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients at home and abroad. At JOATELIM LOGISTICS LIMITED we listen very carefully to what our clients say. Our staff are trained to work as a team and as partners with our clients. We are very proficient in delivering our broad based services to our diversified clients. Our clients have attested to this severally, and have remained 'glued' to us because of the excellent of relationship we maintain.